Restorative Dentistry

We will recommend the most conservative approach that preserves the natural appearance of your teeth.

Crowns, Bridges & Implants

Our restorative dentist in Scottsdale AZ will listen and work with you individually to diagnose your unique situation and determine the restorative dental solution that will rejuvenate the supporting structures of your mouth. Each treatment promises enhanced function of your bite with the aesthetic beauty that will transform your smile and your life.

root canals treatment

Root Canals

A toothache may relate to a more serious infection than a simple cavity. We want to use the most conservative approach to prevent the need to extract the infected tooth. Root Canal Therapy (endodontic dentistry) protects and preserves teeth that would otherwise be lost due to painful and long term infection. Modern dentistry has made root canal therapy a relatively routine and virtually painless procedure. Once the infection treatment is completed, our root canal dentist in Scottsdale AZ prepares a customized crown to ensure the natural shape and appearance of the tooth.

dental bridges


Although dental implants are the ideal method for restoring missing teeth, a bridge may be a better option for some patients. Our doctors make beautiful, natural looking dental bridges in Scottsdale AZ that look and feel like your own teeth.

A bridge is a restorative device designed to fill the space left by one or more missing teeth. A bridge spans this gap, and is secured by being anchored to crowns on the adjacent teeth. A bridge restores the ability to chew, the alignment of teeth, and the shape of a person’s mouth and face.

dental implants services


When teeth are missing, you may find it uncomfortable to eat or embarrassing to speak or smile. Not only that, but missing teeth cause the jaw bone to deteriorate, altering your appearance and compromising adjacent teeth.

Replacing your missing tooth with a tooth implant is a great way to restore your smile and bite. Because dental implants replace the entire tooth including the root, a tooth implant helps to preserve your jaw bone. Your smile, your bite, and your confidence are not luxuries. Our expert dentist from top-notch restorative dentistry in Scottsdale, AZ will help you take steps to get them back.

all-on-4 implants

All-On-4 Implants

All-on-4 implants are a permanent set of fabricated teeth set on dental implants surgically placed into your jaw. They look, feel, and function like natural teeth. We offer top-notch all-in-4 Implants in Scottsdale, AZ, for your healthy mouth.

All-on-4 dental implants:

  • Are permanent teeth that can be brushed and cleaned like natural teeth
  • Do not have to be taken out
  • Do not need adhesives
  • Are comfortable because they do not press down on your gums
  • Allow you to experience the hot and cold of your food, as well as the taste
  • Allow you to bite with increased force (up to 70% more), so you can eat all of your favorite foods again
  • Prevent bone deterioration
  • Restore your facial features

Watch Dr. Maro explain the implant process.

custom dentures


Custom dentures are removable appliances that restore your ability to chew and speak. They should look natural, fit correctly, and feel comfortable.

Based on your dental needs and lifestyle, you have the option for partial dentures to replace several missing teeth or full dentures to replace all the upper or lower teeth.

Dentures can be removed for sleeping and easy cleaning. However, dental implants are available to secure dentures more permanently and prevent the possibility of shifting. But affordable dentures in Scottsdale AZ can save you a lot of money.

oral surgery

Oral Surgery

Natural teeth are ideal for biting, chewing and maintaining mouth and jawbone structure, which is why our first priority is to help restore, save and repair your natural teeth. However, sometimes a tooth extraction is unavoidable. Extractions are performed for a wide variety of reasons, but most commonly to remove teeth that have become unrestorable through tooth decay, periodontal disease or dental trauma, especially when they are associated with a toothache. Sometimes wisdom teeth are impacted (stuck and unable to grow normally into the mouth) and may cause recurrent infections of the gums. In orthodontics if the teeth are crowded, sound teeth may be extracted to create space so the rest of the teeth can be straightened. Consult our trusted oral surgery dentist in Scottsdale AZ for high-quality treatment.


temporomandibular joint

What is TMJ?

We all have a TMJ or temporomandibular joint. It is the hinge joint that connects your skull with the lower jaw. When this joint gets inflamed due to misalignment, symptoms may become severe:

  • Cannot open the mouth very wide
  • Jaw gets “stuck” open or closed
  • You hear clicking, popping, or grating noises when you open and close your mouth
  • Neck aches or headaches
  • Toothaches
  • Dizziness or vertigo
  • Pain in your face, jaw, neck, shoulders, or around your ears when you chew, speak, or yawn
best restorative dentistry services

Some factors that contribute to TMJ issues are:

  • Clenching
  • Bruxism, or grinding your teeth
  • Trauma
  • Arthritis

Treat Bruxism Today to Save Money and Pain in the Future

The most common contributor to TMJ disorder is bruxism or teeth grinding. If this chronic behavior is not stopped you can actually grind your teeth down to nubs! Many patients have needed full mouth reconstructions to restore the damage years of teeth grinding have inflicted upon their smile. One simple treatment today can save you time, money, and pain down the road.

Treatment for TMJ

Sometimes rest and an over-the-counter anti-inflammatory will work as TMJ treatment in Scottsdale AZ. If your symptoms do not go away, treatments usually include using mouth guards, short-term appliances, or long term orthodontics specifically designed to restore your jaw and teeth to their correct positions.

Mouth Guard:

A mouth guard is a protective device for the mouth that covers the teeth to prevent and reduce injury to the teeth. Depending on the application, it may be called mouth protector, mouthpiece, night guard, occlusal splint or bite splint.

Snore Guard:

A snore guard oral appliance is a customized removable appliance created for the noninvasive treatment of snoring and obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). The appliance is designed to advance the mandible and open the bite to allow for less restricted airflow during sleep.

Snore guards help promote a deeper, more restful sleep by preventing snoring and relieving the symptoms of OSA. A snore guard will not interfere with breathing through the mouth, even in cases of congested nasal passages. It has many different styles to achieve the best results.

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