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Advanced Technology in Phoenix, AZ

Dr. Louis Maro Uses Advanced Technology to Improve Your Dental Care

Advanced Dentistry in Phoenix, AZ

Dr. Louis Maro is committed to keeping up with the latest in dental technology. Advanced technologies have made dental treatment more effective and more comfortable in recent years. Fewer treatments require cutting and suturing, and we now have better diagnostic and clinical tools at our disposal to make sure every patient gets a smile they love.

Laser Dentistry

Much of what used to require scalpels can now be done more efficiently and with less pain and recovery time using laser dental technology. Laser dentistry can be used to treat gum disease and to correct misshapen gums. Using lasers for these treatments reduces the number and length of appointments, causes far less pain, and accelerates healing rates.

Advanced Diagnostics

Dr. Maro now has a number of effective tools that help him understand the state of your oral health more quickly, thoroughly, and with less radiation exposure due to digital dental x-rays.

Advanced Diagnostic Tools

  • Digital Dental X-rays: produce far less radiation than traditional dental x-rays and make record transfers easier than ever
  • Intraoral Camera: painlessly and effectively provides early detection for a number of oral health issues

Advanced Technology Makes It Easy to Get the Smile You Want

Laser Teeth Whitening

Schedule an appointment with Dr. Maro today to take advantage of the BIOLASE EPICâ„¢ laser teeth whitening system. The EPICâ„¢ laser platform is an in-office whitening system that has been shown to whiten teeth 4-6 shades in just 20 minutes. This affordable technology gives you the bright smile you have been looking for, in a fraction of the time.

Benefit Today

Advanced dental technology makes it easier and more comfortable to keep your teeth healthy and beautiful. A healthy smile improves the quality of your life. Start smiling more today.

Dr. Louis Maro is committed to advanced dentistry in Phoenix, AZ. Schedule your consultation today to see how you can get and keep the healthy, beautiful smile you deserve.

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